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FINE to FAB Foundation is a 501C3 created to empower children, women and disabled avoid years of shame, blame or therapy!

The FINE to FAB Foundation is a non-profit organization to empower children, women and disabled to make a significant difference in the quality of their life and those around them through education, workshops, seminars, lectures, team building activities and weekend retreats.

Our mission is to empower our next generation by educating and teaching them to FLY – First Love Yourself – so that they become well-rounded, happier, healthier and compassionate individuals who are passionate about the future and are eager to find their life purpose.


Happier children, women and disabled that are eager about their future in order to make the planet a better place for more generations to come one school and organization at the time.

Stop individuals from hurting themselves and others and empower them with practical, real tools, and coping skills that they can use in real life situations.

In addition, create a strong support system and team approach where children, parents and teachers can share their struggles and successes with the purpose to ending self-sabotage.